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Open Access:

1 .Open Access (OA) has become an important way to make research findings freely available for anyone to access and view.

2. Open serves authors and the wider community by publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed OA content.

3. All articles published by ESRG Journals are made immediately available worldwide under an open access license.

4. everyone has free and unlimited access to the full-text of all articles published in Eight Sense Research Group Journals.

5. everyone is free to re-use the published material if proper accreditation/citation of the original publication is given.

6. open access publication is supported by the authors' institutes or research funding agencies by payment of a comparatively low Article Processing Charge (APC) for accepted articles.

7. peer-reviewed literature is freely available without subscription or price barriers.

8. literature is immediately released in open access format

9. published material can be re-used without obtaining permission as long as a correct citation to the original publication is given.

The meaning of an open access publication as characterized by the specialists at Eight Sense Research Group Journals

The word Open Access we define it as free availability of scientific data on the public web, permitting any clients to scrutinize, download, copy, spread, print, interest, or associate with the full messages of these articles, creep them for indexing, pass them as data to programming, or use them for whatever other lawful reason, without money, authentic, or specific hindrances other than those interlaced from acquiring access to the web itself. Any papers distributed in one of the journals that fit in with Eight Sense Research Group Journals. are copyright and copyright and licensing transferred by the authors..

Open access - copyright compatibility

Open access journals published under the Eight Sense Research Group Journals (ESRG Journals). label will ask authors to transfer copyright to the publisher. In either case, the copyright holder will consent to open access for the published work. When the publisher holds the copyright, it will consent to open access directly. When authors hold the copyright, they will insure open access by signing a license to the publisher authorizing open access.

Open access - print compatibility

Open access is online access, but it does not exclude print access to the same works. Open access is free of charge to readers, but it does not exclude priced access to print versions of the same works. Open access does not exclude printouts by users or print archives for security and long-term preservation.

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